The solutions developed by Kinner for the healthy market can also be used in veterinary medicine. Just as in the treatments of humans, the solutions for the veterinary health area must be developed with the quality, safety, and rigor determined by ANVISA (The National Health Surveillance Agency), BPF (Good Manufacturing Practices), ISO 9001:2015, and the current national and international standards.


We develop tubes and membranes for the medical treatment of several animals. All of them have the necessary properties to ensure product quality, such as resistance, flexibility, durability, non-toxicity, rupture tension, hypoallergenic and the possibility of sterilization in an autoclave without damage. You can find these and many other solutions at Kinner.

A golden retriever doggie with a rubber toy in his mouth. 💓nominated💓

fornecedor de etiquetas adesivas

fornecedor de etiquetas adesivas

Entre em contata com a Light Print, fornecedor de etiquetas adesivas de alta qualidade, com inúmeras certificações dentre as principais áreas do segmento.


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