Physiotherapy and Aesthetics

Semi-conductive profile for electrotherapy in health or aesthetics

Electrotherapy is a widely used resource in the fields of aesthetics and health and can be applied both for the rehabilitation of various pathologies and for treatments where it is necessary to apply electrical currents directly to the skin.


We work in accordance with international norms and quality standards, guaranteeing each customer the quality, properties, and safety required for the products. Our research and development teams are highly qualified and seeks to understand the needs of each customer in order to develop really effective solutions for each situation.

In addition, we produce for clinics, medical centers, hospitals, and doctor’s offices, among others, customized solutions according to the needs of each client.

fornecedor de etiquetas adesivas

fornecedor de etiquetas adesivas

Entre em contata com a Light Print, fornecedor de etiquetas adesivas de alta qualidade, com inúmeras certificações dentre as principais áreas do segmento.


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