Silicone Tubes

With high mechanical resistance and original properties superior to those found in the market, the tubes developed by Kinner offer an excellent cost-benefit ratio and full utilization of the recommended number of reprocessing cycles. They have high performance, are coagulation-resistant, hemocompatible, non-toxic, volatile-free, and can be sterilized by autoclave and E.T.O.

Benefits of Kinner's Silicone Tubes

  • Ideal for procedures in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, veterinary centers, and much more, with unique specifications for each application
  • Presented in individual non-sterile packages of 1m, 2m, 5m, 15m, 30m, or 45m
  • Non-stick and reusable, they support several sterilization cycles
  • They have perfect flow and do not alter or oxidize
  • They are translucent, non-toxic, resistant to coagulation, and hydrophobic.
  • Stable at temperatures from -40ºC to peaks of +280º
tubo em silicone para uso hospitalar

Use and applications

They fit in the conduction and elimination of liquids and fluids, in the transportation of gases from valves and compressed air, oxygen, or vacuum networks, and from one part of equipment to another as an intermediary. They can be used in several medical-hospital procedures, such as aspiration, drainage, and oxygen therapy.

Kinner's Tube Measurement Table

Kinner’s Silicone Tubes have high biocompatibility and maintain their main characteristics at superior levels if compared to other materials, even after being treated in sterilization processes.

Non-toxic Silicone Tubes

Kinner’s Silicone Tubes are indicated for several segments according to technical specifications:

    • Hospital
    • Dairies 
    • Slaughterhouse 
    • Farms 
    • Automobiles 
    • Construction 
    • Electronics 
    • Industrial 
    • Others

fornecedor de etiquetas adesivas

fornecedor de etiquetas adesivas

Entre em contata com a Light Print, fornecedor de etiquetas adesivas de alta qualidade, com inúmeras certificações dentre as principais áreas do segmento.


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