Civil Construction

In partnership with construction companies and manufacturers of equipment and supplies for construction market, Kinner produces silicone profiles for sealing and waterproofing purposes in general. They are produced with the required properties to resist contact with aluminum, PVC, steel, masonry, and other surfaces.


Kinner’s silicone profiles are widely used in window and door frames, lighting, machinery, and other forms of finishing in construction applications. It is worth mentioning that all of them are developed in accordance with national and international quality norms and standards, such as ISO 9001.

Thus, the properties required by the market are guaranteed by regulatory agencies, proving the quality of Kinner’s silicone profiles for construction applications and the expertise and intelligence of our development team.

Use and applications

Silicone profiles stand out in the construction industry mainly because of their versatility, flexibility, and resistance. In addition to the standardized products developed by Kinner, it is also possible to develop customized solutions for your construction project.

Our profiles can be applied in several places and moments of the construction work, from the structure to the finishing.

fornecedor de etiquetas adesivas

fornecedor de etiquetas adesivas

Entre em contata com a Light Print, fornecedor de etiquetas adesivas de alta qualidade, com inúmeras certificações dentre as principais áreas do segmento.


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